Friday, November 07, 2008


It's been a while!  So long, in fact, that I realized that half the links on my blog list are dead.  Oops.  

I'm not sure whether this marks my return to the world of blogging.  I may pick things back up here, or I may find a new online home.  Either way, if I continue it will be somewhat different than in the past.  A lot has changed in the past year.  I am no longer doing tris, because I realized after I started working that I just couldn't train as much as I wanted to or needed to in order to do well.  So for now, I'm just running, and preparing for a big (and somewhat terrifying) move.  I did set a giant PR in a 5K in July, but unfortunately my racing since then has been less than stellar.  I'm okay with that, though - I can call this a rebuilding year.   :)

What has really brought me back to the blog, though, is the amazingness of this past week.  I am a huge Obama fan, and I was so happy and proud that he was elected.  In fact, I have gotten a little catch in my throat quite a few times this week while thinking about the election and his speech on Tuesday night.  But this cartoon appealed to both my Obama support and my not-so-hidden law-nerd side, and it actually brought a tear to my eye.  I thought I would share it. 

I hope you are all doing well!! 


Edit:  I think the image isn't working!  Here's the link if you're interested.