Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I Dropped Off My Bike

for my fit today. The components are being installed, and I'll go for the fit itself on Thursday, just in time for my next scheduled ride. Whoo-Hoo!!

And to show some love to my trainer bike as well, my husband/bike-mechanic-in-training replaced my old worn-out squeaky chain with a brand-new one. My ride the other night was glorious. Well, as glorious as a trainer ride in March can be, anyway. But it was definitely nice. :)

Jolly Ranchers

I love Jolly Ranchers. Especially the red ones, and of those, I think the cherry are the best. I bought a bag this past weekend, and ate four last night. Not over the course of the night, but over the course of about 45 minutes. If they were cigarettes, I would have been chain-smoking. My teeth hurt.

In related news, I remember clear as day the first time I ever heard the f word. I was in elementary school, probably fourth grade (it was a sheltered existance), and while standing in line for recess a classmate turned to me and said, "Want a Jolly Rancher?" Of course I did! So I said yes, and she told me to put out my hand, so I did. She laughed, slapped it, and said, "Go fuck a farmer."

Ahhh, kids.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Happy Things

This weekend has been a great reminder of the happy things in my life. My good friend got married last night, and she looked gorgeous and glowing, and her husband looked happier than I've ever seen him. She's been nervous about the wedding for a while, because she wanted everything to go *just so,* and it was perfect. They were surrounded by friends and family, all of whom wanted nothing more right then than to see them happy and healthy for a long long time. And that was awesome.

And then today was a baby shower for my cousin, who is having her first child in April. Much of my family was there, and my cousin looked happy and much more comfortable than the last time I saw her, when her pregnancy was really taking a toll on her. Today, she looked (more) rested and seemed to be in a really great mood. And her son made out like a bandit, too.

Tomorrow is a long-delayed birthday celebration for Speedy with his family.

Add in some training, and it's shaping up to be a crazy but great weekend, full of reminders of those things in life that really bring joy to those around you. Not often do they all come together like this, and I plan to enjoy it as much as I can.

Monday, March 19, 2007

An Open Letter to My Shins

Dear My Shins:

You and I have been together for a while. Although I generally try to take good care of you, I will admit that in the past I have treated you poorly on occasion, by doing things like long runs on concrete or buying a pair of running shoes at Kohl's because I liked the way they looked. But you didn't take any of my crap, and quickly let me know what was acceptable and was was not.

I listened. I did, really, which is why I now buy my running shoes at real running stores. But this time I wanted to save some money, so I bought the same model online. You understand, right? It's the same shoe, in the same size, I just saved $20. I still bought the nice cushioned shoe you have gotten along with so well over the past few years.

So I don't understand why now, after all this time, you're going and developing shin splints. I am wearing the right shoes, and I've even started icing you and taking Aleve. Can't we just agree to get along until at least the end of the summer? I have been doing well with my training and I don't want to back off now, especially since my first race is a 10-mile road race. Besides, my foot and ankle kept me out of racing in the fall. You should pow-wow with them; they will tell you how unhappy I was - I made them do physical therapy and all. I didn't take their crap, and I'm not going to take yours either.

Now. Please stop screwing around and stop hurting on my runs. If you want, I can even bribe you with ice massage.

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to working with you in the future.
Cheaper Than Therapy

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bike Fit

I learned a lot at my bike fit today. Like, for example, that the bike I bought second-hand, having been told it was a 53, is actually a 55. Which is way too big for my 5'6" frame. No freaking wonder I felt so stretched out all the time. But the fit was awesome, and we're going to make lots of changes to my setup, including:
- replacing the old seatpost with a forward seatpost;
- replacing the too-wide handlebars with smaller ergo handlebars;
- putting on new, fully-adjustable aerobars; and
- replacing the stem with a shorter one.

It's a lot, but I can't freaking wait for everything to come in. Unfortunately, it probably won't be till the end of next week. But while I was at the bike shop, they set up a fit bike with an approximation of my new fit, and it was great. It will definitely be an adjustment, because I've been so stretched out and this new fit is much more compact, but I think it will also be much more comfortable and hopefully faster. I am as excited for this as I would be if I were getting a whole new bike. I can't wait!

We're Home

Things We Did In Austin:
- ran a good long trail run on the Greenbelt;
- got in a few shorter runs at Town Lake, including a time trial that led me to believe that I actually am getting faster;
- ate lots of Mexican food, including the best chicken fajitas I've ever had;
- visited the tri and running shops, and found a very cool place called Bettysport, where I spent more money than I probably should have;
- got lost a few times;
- had a great time; and
- started planning our next trip down there.

Things We Didn't Do In Austin:
- swim in Barton Creek Pool. It was closed due to the torrential rainstorms. That's okay, it can be a reason for us to go back.
- see much of SXSW, due to poor planning on our part.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

I Love Austin

...and I want to move here. Right now. Do I have to get on the plane to go home? Can't I just stay here? I can be one of those "went on vacation and just decided to stay" people. It would be awesome.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

You Ironmen Are Amazing

I got to thinking about this during my swim this morning. I had to do 6x400, which is a super-long set for me. It wasn't going as well as I would have liked, and I was getting bored. And then I realized that my measly little swim this morning was nothing compared to what people training for an Ironman do every day.

Really. I have such respect for anyone who can train for an Ironman. I don't care how fast you are; if you're putting in the time to train for an Ironman I think that's awesome. I'm only training for Olympic distance races right now, and my Half-Ironman isn't even until September, and I am practically falling over at the end of each training week. I can't even contemplate training at the level that some of you are at. I think you guys rock.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Reason #283 My Coach Probably Hates Me

I don't like the cold. I know, I sound like a broken record. But really. It's March, people! What's up with the 40-mph wind gusts? Yes, I know, I know: 'Suck it up, princess."

But there's hope on the horizon! Not only does DST start this weekend, but on Saturday I leave for 4 days in (hopefully warm and sunny) Austin! I can't wait!