Monday, March 19, 2007

An Open Letter to My Shins

Dear My Shins:

You and I have been together for a while. Although I generally try to take good care of you, I will admit that in the past I have treated you poorly on occasion, by doing things like long runs on concrete or buying a pair of running shoes at Kohl's because I liked the way they looked. But you didn't take any of my crap, and quickly let me know what was acceptable and was was not.

I listened. I did, really, which is why I now buy my running shoes at real running stores. But this time I wanted to save some money, so I bought the same model online. You understand, right? It's the same shoe, in the same size, I just saved $20. I still bought the nice cushioned shoe you have gotten along with so well over the past few years.

So I don't understand why now, after all this time, you're going and developing shin splints. I am wearing the right shoes, and I've even started icing you and taking Aleve. Can't we just agree to get along until at least the end of the summer? I have been doing well with my training and I don't want to back off now, especially since my first race is a 10-mile road race. Besides, my foot and ankle kept me out of racing in the fall. You should pow-wow with them; they will tell you how unhappy I was - I made them do physical therapy and all. I didn't take their crap, and I'm not going to take yours either.

Now. Please stop screwing around and stop hurting on my runs. If you want, I can even bribe you with ice massage.

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to working with you in the future.
Cheaper Than Therapy

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seaducer said...

Oh, that stinks. I used to get on the case of guys in the army when they complained about shin splints, but I got them 3 years ago and now I know how bad they are.

Good luck and hope they leave you alone soon.