Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bike Fit

I learned a lot at my bike fit today. Like, for example, that the bike I bought second-hand, having been told it was a 53, is actually a 55. Which is way too big for my 5'6" frame. No freaking wonder I felt so stretched out all the time. But the fit was awesome, and we're going to make lots of changes to my setup, including:
- replacing the old seatpost with a forward seatpost;
- replacing the too-wide handlebars with smaller ergo handlebars;
- putting on new, fully-adjustable aerobars; and
- replacing the stem with a shorter one.

It's a lot, but I can't freaking wait for everything to come in. Unfortunately, it probably won't be till the end of next week. But while I was at the bike shop, they set up a fit bike with an approximation of my new fit, and it was great. It will definitely be an adjustment, because I've been so stretched out and this new fit is much more compact, but I think it will also be much more comfortable and hopefully faster. I am as excited for this as I would be if I were getting a whole new bike. I can't wait!

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IM Able said...

Totally jealous -- I can't wait for my first fit. I'm doing some similar retro-fit purchases -- profile integrated bars, new shifters, forward seatpost. It's like waiting for Christmas for me!