Thursday, March 15, 2007

We're Home

Things We Did In Austin:
- ran a good long trail run on the Greenbelt;
- got in a few shorter runs at Town Lake, including a time trial that led me to believe that I actually am getting faster;
- ate lots of Mexican food, including the best chicken fajitas I've ever had;
- visited the tri and running shops, and found a very cool place called Bettysport, where I spent more money than I probably should have;
- got lost a few times;
- had a great time; and
- started planning our next trip down there.

Things We Didn't Do In Austin:
- swim in Barton Creek Pool. It was closed due to the torrential rainstorms. That's okay, it can be a reason for us to go back.
- see much of SXSW, due to poor planning on our part.

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