Friday, February 16, 2007

I was totally dragging my ass during Wednesday's swim, and I couldn't figure out why. Getting myself onto the trainer that evening was pure willpower and nothing else. I couldn't figure out why I felt so tired. Then I woke up on Thursday and felt awful. Sore throat, headache, just general yuck. After being up for a while and trying to get my act together, I finally decided it wasn't happening. I skipped my classes and went back to sleep for FOUR hours. I don't think I've taken a four-hour nap since I graduated from college. Today was slightly better, I've actually been vertical for much of the day.

The thing that really stinks about bugs like this one is the mind games they make me play. As a triathlete, I of course think that taking 2 days off in a row puts me in the fast lane to Sloth-ville, and my body is going to turn to mush, with all my hard work for naught. I might as well sell my bike and just take up residence on the couch, eating Doritos and drinking beer. It's the classic angel-and-devil-on-the-shoulders situation, except it's unclear to me which is the one saying "You need to rest in order to recover!" and which is saying "Suck it up and train through it!" I keep thinking "Well, maybe I could go for a swim; I was only supposed to do 10x100 today, I can get that done." And then I get up from the couch, my head spins, and I sit my ass back down for another few hours.


IM Able said...

Stay on the couch and feel better. Sure you could go and finish a workout, but your body wouldn't be able to heal from the effort and you'd be in a worse position than you are now! Get some rest and feel better!

mishele k said...

Take it easy! Your training will still be there when you feel better. Besides, you're about as far from being lazy as people get-- as a lazy bum myself, I feel I'm an expert on the subject.

Take care of yourself!