Friday, June 22, 2007

I Think I'm Going to be Sick

I've been feeling pretty good about things tri-related lately. Training is going pretty well, I've gotten much faster than I was last year, I have a fun and fast new bike, and so on. But every now and then, something slips in there and makes me feel like a total newbie again.

My race is still two days away, and I'm so nervous I think I'm going to puke. This is bad. I need to eat so I don't fall off my bike on Sunday. But I'm nervous.


I don't know. The stakes aren't very high. It's not like I'm going to win anything, and since this is my first time at the distance, I'm really just establishing a baseline. And I'm very familiar and comfortable with the swim course, as it was where I rowed in college, so that's not really an issue. I've done the bike course a few times, so that's not the problem. The run is freaking me out a little, because while I've done long runs and I've done fast runs, I haven't really done any long fast runs. But that will come; I know it will.

Putting it together is what's got me in knots.


SkiRough said...


I just found your blog by linking off a comment of IM Able, but you are hilarious :) I love your rant on fitness mag nutrition tips!

I can never read Fitness I just find it depressing and tends to make me neurotic. Anyways, you are awesome! Great blog :) Very funny and you've got charisma! Skirough approved :)

Jessi said...

You are gonna do great in your race! GO TEAM STAYPUT! :)