Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ow, My Brain Hurts!

I've been trying to post for like two days and I can't get my brain to work well enough to draft a readable post. So here's a list:

1. Speedy made some changes to the measurements of my trainer bike, and also swapped the saddle for my tri saddle. Yay for Speedy!
3. Two exams done, two more to go.
iv. Not so much with the training this week. Monday - trainer ride (I was supposed to run but it was cold and I wimped out), Tuesday - trainer ride again, Wednesday - swim and lower body weights, Thursday - run, Friday - Spinerval, Saturday - off, today - trainer ride and probably upper body weights. If I didn't have the option of going down to the basement to get workouts in right now, I'd probably get nothing done in terms of training. Go me. :)

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