Sunday, December 17, 2006

Running Camp Has Started

So now that exams are done, I'm out in San Francisco with Speedy. Since I don't have my bike and I forgot my swim gear (imagine that!), I am just going to do lots of running while I'm here. 'Camp' started today, with an ~8-mile run along the Coastal Trail. It was a great run, although much longer than expected, but just what I needed to help clear my head.

Today was a not-bad day, cool and breezy, and cloudy but not foggy. There were some unbelieveable views along the run, of bluffs and an old fort and the Golden Gate Bridge and the ocean and the rocky shores and the crazy surfers who surf into the rocks. And of course because the water is probably freezing cold they've all got on thick wetsuits, hoods, and booties. They're nuts. But the views were great. I wish we had had a camera. We took the trail though this super-swank neighborhood and ended up on this street with amazing houses. I thought we had lost the trail at that point, so we stopped some nicely-dressed man and asked him where the trail went. His directions included turning at "Robin's house - Robin Williams." Ah, yes, of course - Robin Williams. I bet the guy who gave us the directions was also someone famous who we didn't recognize. Either that, or he just liked name-dropping. Seriously, though, these houses were gorgeous. They were all huge, of course, and beautifully maintained. It's clear that a lot of thought (and money) went into these houses.

The run was excellent in all others ways as well. We found ourselves running on pavement, trails, soft sand, and ridiculous hills and staircases. I took the opportunity to tell a roadie who was climbing a hill that he was a badass, but I'm not sure he heard me. We saw a ton of bikers. I think anyone who rides around here is a badass. There's nothing like these hills in Jersey.

It was great. I loved every minute of it (except maybe the really steep uphills). Lucky for Speedy, I like visiting here but wouldn't want to move here. I save that honor for Austin. :)


Curly Su said...

you live in new jersey but want to move to austin? me too!

Cheaper Than Therapy said...

Oh, definitely. It's been on my list ever since a visit there a few years ago. Great food, amazing place to train, good weather, and so on. Too bad I can't get my husband to agree to it :)

mishele k said...

I live in Texas (not the lovely Austin, but oh well) and I dragged my New Jersey boyfriend down here with me last year. He was expecting to really dislike it and he loves it now... there may be hope yet for your husband.