Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Done. Finally.

Well, almost. I have to go drop off one final at school tomorrow, but it's done. I just need to bring it in.

Maybe now I can get off my ass and start working out again. I feel gross and lazy, even though the only consecutive days off have been yesterday and today. I think it's mostly mental, and once my brain clears out and I settle down a little I'll feel better.

I think my trip to SF will serve as a bit of a running camp for me. I won't be able to ride, and I may 'forget' my swim stuff, so I can only run. It will be good for me; since I've recovered I've been neglecting my running (although I did 5 miles this weekend!), and I am starting to feel it. I used to only run, none of this swim and bike stuff, and I wasn't super-fast but I was fast enough, and I felt like I could easily make progress with more speedwork. Now I just feel slow. The distances are coming back, but not the speed. So this weekend and early next week, lots of running. Maybe a short tempo run or fartlek. Just something to get my ass in gear.


paul said...

Hold on a sec, did you just say something about a tempo run?!?

Or was that just a typo?

On the off chance it wasn't a typo, yay for tempo runs!

Oh, and congrats on being done with finals. :-)

mishele k said...
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mishele k said...

You are WAY too hard on yourself! Everyone else I know in law school is eating crappy food, stressed, and not even thinking about working out. You're way ahead of the game by taking care of yourself.

Congrats on another semester down! Only one more to go (right?)...

Unrelated question: where do you go to school? I'm applying to schools in your area and would love some feedback if you don't mind. If you get a chance feel free to email me (via blogger profile). Thanks! :)