Thursday, May 24, 2007

And So It Begins Again...

Exams and graduation have come and gone, and I've had two glorious weeks of sitting on my ass and doing nothing. But, all good things must come to an end, and so I am back in class. Studying for the bar. With 100 of my closest friends, sitting in a dark room for 3.75 hours per day, staring at a videotaped lecture being projected onto a screen at the front of the room.

Can you say snooze-fest? Today was only the second day of class and the guy next to me was giggling uncontrollably every time the lecturer said "duty." Why? Because duty = doody = funny after 3 hours.

Like thousands of other recent law school grads, I am taking a class run by Bar/bri. There is currently a class-action suit pending against the company for violating antitrust laws and charging students a ridiculous sum of money to take this class. Because we don't have any other options, we take the class. And pay dearly (over $2,000) for the privilege of sitting in a cramped classroom, staring at a video, trying not to fall asleep because our only chance of passing the bar is to listen to every word that comes out of these floating heads' mouths. Ah, scare tactics. Mention the bar passage rates, and law students will pay for anything.

Yeah. That antitrust suit is making a lot of sense right now.

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