Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hill Rides

Speedy and I went out for a hill ride this morning. It ended up being 40 miles (longest ride yet!) with 10 climbs, some worse than others.

For a 40-mile ride, it went by really quickly. The climbs were mostly fun, we were on and off the bikes to go around barriers often, there were tons of other people out (including lots of cyclists, some riding in giant peloton-like groups, all decked out in team kits), and there was a huge regatta taking place, so there was no lack of scenery.

The climbing itself went pretty well. When we did the Taxing Metric last month, Speedy had to wait for me at the top of each hill, while I went 5 mph grinding my way up on steel frame with an 11-21. Yesterday, I took out my new bike (whoo-hoo!) and it was a different story. I was right there with him for most climbs, and felt much more efficient and much less trashed after each climb. Now, part of this was definitely that the climbs weren't as bad as they were at the Taxing Metric, but I think between continuing to get stronger and having a lighter bike, I will be able to climb much better overall. Awesome.