Saturday, April 14, 2007

Taxing Is Not Just A Day

About the 50K ride this weekend:

1. The "Taxing Metric" ride name does not, in vivid contrast to my pre-ride belief, refer just to its proximity to tax day.

2. If I had known that there was approximately zero flat road on the route and lots and lots of hills, I would have replaced my 11/21 cogset with a 12/25. Instead, I got a lot of practice grinding up the hills out of the saddle, while my husband, on his new carbon road bike, waited patiently for me at the top of the hills. Well, mostly patiently.

3. Descents at 30 mph on wide, smooth, lightly-traveled roads are slightly terrifying but tons of fun.

4. Trail mix is never as good as when it's at a rest stop or post-race food station. In fact, the best trail mix I've ever had was during a 10-mile trail run up and down the side of a mountain outside of Santa Cruz, CA. It was like the food of the gods. Likewise, hot soup after a cold ride is awesome.

5. A good way to get lots of funny looks is to do a transistion run after a group ride with a bunch of roadies. Running? Why would you want to do that?

6. I had the chance to meet a fellow blogger and Team StayPut member, IM Able, and she is so nice and quite cute, if you don't mind me saying. She is also a total badass - she decided to make this ridiculously hilly 50K her first ride off the trainer! I think my first road ride was about 10 miles on super-flat roads. I am looking forward to being her teammate and cheering her on during her quest for IM Wisconsin.


Lauren said...

i've been perusing this website for some time - especially when i need a laugh and some inspiration to train! =)

i now see that you're on the StayPut team as well, so perhaps we'll meet up soon at one of the races. until then, hope all continues to be well (and you're recovered from yesterday's ride) - and take care!

Cheaper Than Therapy said...

Thanks, I'm glad to hear you enjoy reading this! Good luck with your season!

IM Able said...

Badass? More like I clearly forgot my medication when planning out *that* one!

All in a good training day, though. Great to meet you and Speedy -- I know we'll cross paths again soon. Perhaps for the Quad County ride next month? Huh? Huh? Com'mon...ride the crazy train with me!

Once I get my act in gear and the kitchen cleaned, I'm all over a race report. Until then -- safe training (and studying!)!!

Jessi said...

Where are the pics? I wanna see Team Stayput kits! :)