Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Holy Calories, Batman!

I generally try not to worry too much about what I'm eating. Usually, I think that my eating habits and training balance out enough to create a decent equilibrium (except for my pizza habit; I really need to work on that). But I had a terrible realization today: one of my favorite mindless snacks, Rold Gold Sourdough Pretzels (the really yummy and salty thick ones) have 100 calories EACH.

Yes, each.

So my 2-3 pretzels each afternoon = 200-300 totally worthless calories. Now, I realize that 200 calories isn't going to be the end of me, but these pretzels have been my go-to 'healthy' snack when I wasn't feeling like eating an apple or something. Healthy? Not so much.

[plaintive wail]Now what am I going to do???{/plaintive wail].


Benson said...

OH MY GAWD! but not really a big problem. it's just calories, not fat, not trans fat, not...whatever. enjoy the crunch..and good luck completing law school.

IM Able said...

Yeah...I have a butter issue. I loves me some butter. And since my last caffeine induced thrown down with myself, I've banned butter. Okay, maybe not banned, but am cutting back to how much normal people eat. You know, sometimes I'm convinced that tossing in an extra 5K run each day would be worth it to just have hot butters mashers with dinner. Sigh...

mishele k said...

You could always switch to celery for a low-cal crunch... but celery sucks. I like to eat all day as more of a hobby than because I'm hungry, so I rely on an obscene amoung of crunchy veggies to get me through. I don't even really like some of them.

As for the pretzels, I wouldn't worry about them. Now that you know what kind of punch they pack, maybe you'll enjoy them more (or eat fewer).

I am with you on the pizza problem by the way. At least it includes 3-4 food groups-- or so I'm telling myself.