Monday, April 02, 2007

New Bike Fit and Long Rides

I got my new bike fit all worked out. It's great, and so much better than before. Speedy and I went out for 20 miles on Thursday and 27 on Sunday, and both rides were great.

Okay, I'm full of crap. The position was very good, and felt strong and just so much better than before. I can handle the bike better now, and it's easier to stay aero for long periods now that I don't feel like I have to hold onto the aerobars for dear life, and I love the narrower handlebars. But...

The ride on Sunday was terrible. We went to check out some roads out by my parents' house, and while we were able to stay on basically the same road the whole way out, the pavement was in such bad shape that both of us kept getting bounced out of the aerobars. Trust me, no amount of chamois cream/bike shorts/properly-fit saddle could have made that ride more pleasant. The road was awful - not in bad shape per se, but just very very rough. Add in a headwind on the way out, and I was sitting there grumbling just about the entire time, "This is just fucking great. This road sucks. When are we turning around? What the hell, why won't he get out of my way so I can just freaking blow my nose already. Fuck, fuck, fuck." Replay something like that over and over, and you have my train of thought for the whole way out. I generally don't say the f-word (see?), unless I'm on the bike, in which case it's just about every other word out of my mouth. At least on the way back we had a tailwind.


IM Able said...

Ha!!! Love it! If you're looking for distraction, there's a metric century over in Pottstown area (about 1/2 hour NW of Philly) in two weekends. It's a pick your distance and sag supported...oh, and it's something like 25 clams.

Enjoy the new ride!

mishele k said...

Ah, the f word. I won't pretend it's not well-used in my vocab, but it has a special place in my heart (and mouth) on long rides too.

And be careful-- you might end up with a butt callous if you hit the hard roads too much. Not that I know from experience or anything. :-(