Friday, July 13, 2007

Keeping Perspective

I (may) have the opportunity to take a very cool international trip in September before I start working in the fall. This cool trip, however, will necessitate that I miss my planned A race (ahem...that is, my triathlon A race), a half-ironman.

My view right now is that there are more races, and I can do a 70.3 next year, but I might not get this chance to travel again. So I should take it, and if I miss the race, then I'm out the entry fee but plus one (hopefully very cool) experience.



Bill said...


Triathlon should be about experiencing life, not consuming your life.

You've already recognized you may not get this chance again. Take the chance. You'll regret it if you don't.

And with a gazillion other 70.3's available, you won't likely be sitting on your rocker at 80 saying "you know, I should've stayed home and raced that 70.3 back in aught-7". ;)

mishele k said...

Travel travel travel. Races aren't going anywhere.

Go have fun! You need to goof off.