Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I Am So Lame.

So I've been following this training plan for the past month or so. While it's had the desired effect of letting me train without having the come up with my workout schedule, it has also apparently made me stupid.

I was all set to go to the gym and swim this morning after class. I get there, and get my things out and am all ready to get changed, but first I wanted to review the workout. But when I looked through my bag for the printout, it wasn't there. I must have left it on the table this morning. Oh no, the horror! But really, it totally threw me off.

I stood there looking at my swim gear for a while, contemplating my options. I knew I was supposed to do 2500 yards, but the idea of coming up with my own 2500-yard workout practically threw me into a panic. I actually considered driving home (about 10 minutes each way) to get the workout. Then I thought that I could just go home, and come back later to do the workout. I thought about asking the front desk folks if I could look it up online. I might as well have put a sign around my neck that said, "My training plan has made me stupid. Can you help me?" Finally, though, I called Speedy who humored me and read me the workout over the phone. Now that I had been told exactly what to do, I could finally get in the pool. Whew. That was close.


IM Able said...

My house it littered with the little note pad pieces of paper where I scribble down my swim sets each Tuesday and Thursday. And I look at it before I leave. And in the car. And when I unpack my bag in the gym. And half the time I forget part of the series anyway once I get in the water! You know what? Make an unplanned time trial as your go-to when you forget! Warmup however, time a 1000 m, and cool down. Then you can make use of the info later on when picking your goal times for the shorter sets.

Oh, and sometimes I forget how to count the laps, too. :)

paul said...

"My training plan has made me stupid"

Freakin hilarious!!! And if a training plan can do that to you, wait til you have an actual coach. You may never have to think again.

mishele k said...

Training plans (especially the swimming part) are like crack. You just can't go on without your fix they're so addictive. We've all been there and it's not pretty.

At least your weren't crying on the pool deck. Not that I've done that...

Cheaper Than Therapy said...

No, I wasn't crying on the pool deck, but that's only because I hadn't yet gotten changed. If I had been changed and out to the pool before I realized I forgot the workout, crying definitely would have been one of my options. :)