Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kids Today...

I am an assistant coach for a local high-school crew team. I have some very fun times with the crazy kids I coach. I also have conversations like this:

Rower: Remember that exchange student from last year?
Me: Of course
Rower: So, is she in France or in America? Because she friended me on Facebook.
Me: I think she's back in France; how does her friending you affect where she is?
Rower: Well, I mean, Facebook is a .com site, and if she's back home, can't she only access .fr sites?
Me: [Thinking, ?!??!?!???] Well, the countries all have tags that indicate where the site is, but you can access them from anywhere. You know, as in the World-Wide Web?
Rower: Ohh, so like Australia is .aus? That just means where the site is?
Me: Exactly, or .uk or something like that.
Rower: No, I'm pretty sure Australia is .aus.
Me: [shaking head] No, I meant that was just another example. But yes, she can access Facebook, even though it's .com and she's in France.
Rower: Ohhhh. Cool!

This particular rower is a great girl. I've known her for 3 years now, and she's fun and smart and a little crazy. She's also probably got the least common sense of anyone I've ever met. But really, conversations like this are why I love coaching, and I'm going to miss is next year when I get to the real world.


paul said...

Freakin hilarious.

And Australia is .au.

Cheaper Than Therapy said...

Hah...it was for the illustration, Mr. Know-It-All :)

IM Able said...

Too funny! Last weekend I went to a dinner party at my Dad's where the average age was...oh...say, 70 years old. Just imagine explaining "blog" to someone who was born before the depression!