Thursday, October 19, 2006


So by posting twice in one day I am revealing myself to be a potential blogger-dork. The dork part is already well-established, but I'm not sure how I feel about the blogger-dork part. Promise to self: Self, I will not become a blogger whose first thought is "Like, OMG, this totally has to go on my BLOG!!" That said...

I think I need to establish goals for myself. So here goes:

1. Get healthy. Without this, none of the others are possible.
2. Rebuild the huge base that I had before I was injured.
3. Continue swimming regularly (though not the 5-6 days a week I am doing now)
4. Do Spinervals at least once a week until January, and then at least twice per week.
5. Start doing running speedwork. I am the queen of the base-building aerobic run, but it's time I face the fact that that won't help me get faster.
6. (maybe) Get a coach to help me achieve these goals.

2007: Olympic distance.
2008: 70.3

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paul said...

So you think you might be a Blogger-dork, eh? I think there's some potential.

I dig the goals. Pretty gutsy of you to put them out there in cyberspace for everyone to see.

No goal times for Oly or 70.3? Or is it just a cliff-hanger to keep your loyal readers coming back for more? ;-)