Thursday, October 19, 2006

Today's workout was fun. It was:

10-minute warmup (Kick sets are getting easier! YAY!)
10 x 50 (15 sec. rest)
12 x 25 (15 sec. rest)

The main set was a 'moderate' effort. It went by pretty quickly. I like these shorter middle-intensity workouts, I think they give me a good chance to work on form while still getting in a good workout. And, after my workout I noticed that the woman in the lane next to me was wearing the same goggles I have (Speedo Women's Vanquisher), so I asked her if she has had problems with them fogging. I got these goggles like 3 weeks ago and they are fogging like mad, despite a promised "Anti-Fog" coating. And really, it's not so attractive to be licking the inside of my goggles before every workout. Anyway, she said she has had those problems, so I know it's not just mine. Maybe it's time to change brands. I hate goggle shopping.

Overall, though, not a bad day in the pool, not bad at all.

And tomorrow: Acupuncture!!

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