Sunday, October 22, 2006

This weekend was not bad, apart from the BLACKOUT we had this weekend! Okay, really, it wasn't that bad, and we fled to my mother's house, with the dog in tow. Hooch the dog got to play with my mom's dog, which always makes for good time (except when they fight - eek! Fortunately that only happened once, when one cornered the other). But really, they get along quite well, and it was a good chance for him to get out some excess energy, which stops him from running around our house. It's really a shame that he's totally uncoordinated and can't play fetch to save his life, because that would be a great way to run him around. But instead, when we throw a ball to him, it'll land and he'll run to it, look at it and maybe sniff it, and then run back (sans ball) to us. I've tried throwing the ball directly at him, hoping that if it falls in front of his nose he'll catch it. But no. The ball may even hit him, with no discernible result. This dog has no fetch instincts AT ALL. It's really quite pathetic.

As for me, I spent most of the weekend, as I spend every weekend, studying. It will be so excellent when I can do something other than studying during the weekend and not hear my nagging conscience telling me that I should be studying. I have a nagging case of senioritis that I just can't kick, and I still have another 1.5 semesters to go, followed by what should be an . . . um . . . well . . . okay, whatever, I just have to accept that studying for the bar is going to suck. As in suck up all my free time, and energy, and perhaps will to live. But it's a necessary evil, and since I've already accepted a job that's contingent on me PASSING the bar, one that I should really accept quite willingly.

So I am happy to say that my "one the road to recovery" thought was probably not premature! I was able to do the elliptical this weekend, for 45 minutes yesterday and 30 minutes today. I am totally psyched that I did not lose all my fitness!! Yesterday's workout was just the elliptical, which although 45 minutes was at a low resistance. Today was a sprint workout in the pool, which I chose to follow with the elliptical because I was just so freaking happy to be able to do it! I took a few seconds off of my times from last week; today's 50s were in the 40-41 second range. If only I could take 2 seconds off my 50 time every week!

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paul said...

Woo-Hoo, 75 minutes on the eliptical!

And if you keep dropping your 50 yard times by 2 seconds a week, you'll qualify for the olympics in a month or two...