Monday, October 16, 2006

I am a Swimmer.

I am a swimmer.

Well, not really. But I am injured. I fell down some steps in early September (in the San Francisco airport, getting ready to board a redeye) and ended up with a bone bruise in my foot and a high ankle sprain. And then I got on the plane for a 6-hour flight.

I still can't walk. I have to wear a big boot. Needless to say (but I'll say anyway) I can't run. Hell, I can't even walk. I can't ride a bike. Not even on the trainer. But I can swim. Oh, yes, I can swim. Luckily, my husband taught me how to swim about a year ago.

I have been in the pool more in the past month than I thought I'd be until March. Fortunately, people were nice and sent me swim workouts, so I have some good workouts to do. Maybe all this swimming will make me fast!

I did 50s on Friday. My times were in the 43-44 second range. Not great, but all things considered, not too bad.

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paul said...

Your husband taught you to swim? What a guy.

I hope he realizes how lucky he is...