Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen...

I am pleased to announce that I will officially be starting physical therapy on Friday! Yay!

But before that . . . Thursday is speedwork in the pool. I'm not really looking forward to it; this new biking and ellipticalling (yes, I know that "ellipticalling" is probably not a word) has decreased my swimming mojo. Also, my last swim workout was terrible - I felt like I had weights tied to my shoulders the entire time. Moreover, I want to keep working on the things I haven't been doing. (I just used "Moreover" in a blog post. I am such a nerd.) Although, that said, I was on the trainer yesterday and the elliptical today, and my legs are pretty sore today. I suppose that's not too surprising, considering that I did basically no lower-body anything for nearly 2 months, and now I'm getting back into it. I need to stretch, stretch, and then stretch some more, because I will be so. bummed. if I manage to hurt myself by trying to do too much too soon. Although hopefully that's where the PT will be helpful.

Tomorrow is a rest day, which I am really happy about. It's not like my training level is so high right now that my rest days are such wonderful recovery. Really, though, I think that with the semester winding down, and my stress level being relatively high right now, the rest days are still pretty welcome.

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paul said...

Oh no! Losing your swimming mojo? Just think about all the progress you've made in the pool in the last few months, and how much faster you are now.

You'll get your mojo back soon enough :-)

Is moreover a lawyer word? I'm guessing that between now and the end of the semester, there'll be lots more lawyer words showing up in this blog...