Saturday, November 04, 2006


No workout yesterday. I had intended to ride the trainer for a bit, but after physical therapy, acupuncture, and studying for the exam I had to take today, unfortunately it got pushed to the side. Sometimes life gets in the way, I guess.

PT was okay. It was just the first 'getting started' appointment, where they look at range of motion and strength and things, and yell at you because you haven't been icing your foot. I'll start with the good stuff on Tuesday. I was suprised that the therapist didn't ask me at all about my goals. I'd think that would be an important part of this.

Acupuncture was good, of course, and the acupuncturist told me that I need not come back. Well, I mean, she didn't tell me I wasn't welcome back, but just that she thinks I'm doing much better and maybe don't need to drive 45 minutes each way and pay her fee anymore. Which is okay. But really, I thought it was a huge help in getting me back on my feet. Yes, I know that was a terrible pun. If you don't like my stupid jokes, go away.

Clearly I'm cranky. Maybe it's my missed workouts. Maybe it's that I didn't sleep much last night because of the stupid exam this morning, which I feel confident that I may or may not have passed or failed. Seriously, I have no clue how I did. Fortunately, if I failed I can retake it in March. Small condolence, I suppose, but it is keeping me going :)

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paul said...

I think your stupid jokes are pretty funny ;-)

Its pretty refreshing that somebody in the healthcare sector (well, sort of) was willing to tell you that you no longer needed her services, despite the fact that you were still willing to pay. Its great that it helped the healing process, too.