Sunday, November 19, 2006

Shut Up About Your Damn Foot Already!

First. Usually I post from a Mac. This post was done on a PC (Yes, I like both Macs and PCs. Does that make me immoral in some way? Probably. I was studying at a coffee shop the other day, and my friend couldn't get her PC to connect to the WiFi, so I helped her get it working. The girl next to us made a big deal about a Mac user helping a PC user, and how now there was peace on earth. Really.) Blogger clearly prefers PCs, because all the sudden I have an array of options that are not there for the Mac, like font color, bold/italic, links, bullet lists, and so on. These options aren't available to me when I'm using my Mac. Clearly Blogger is Macophobic.

Moving on, yesterday I ran. Not on the treadmill, and not a little half-mile ginger jog, either. I really ran. For 2.5 miles. With Speedy. I wasn't going fast, but I was going. And it was excellent. Today was a 1-hour spin on the trainer, watching The Simpsons and American Dad. (See? Italics!) Really, not a bad hour of TV to be watching while spinning. I think that I need to stop harping on being healed and just start getting down to the business of getting back into shape (hence the post title). I thought I could make a goal be a 5K, but it since the 2.5 miles yesterday went well, it looks like it's going to be more like 5 miles.

Speedy took pity on me tonight and put together my workout schedule for the next couple weeks. After that, it all goes to hell because classes end, finals start, and my schedule becomes pretty nuts. But for the next two weeks I have my workouts planned. Tomorrow: 3-mile run.


paul said...

So blogger is Mac-o-phobic, huh? (<-- like the use of hyphens for emphasis?) Well, I'm glad to hear you don't discriminate. As the recent Mac adds tell us, there's plenty of room for uber-hip Mac's and spreadsheet-loving PC's. Mmmm, spreadsheets... sorry, there goes my engineer side again.

A 5k might still be a pretty good goal. Don't think about completing a 5k, think about racing a 5k. If you can get youself to the point where you're runnign hard for 3 miles, then you're definitely back in business. Just something to consider.

Oh, and have fun with that schedule :-)

mishele k said...

I feel you on the Mac thing. Despite my love for my Mac I often post on my work PC because it's so much easier to format. You can still do all that fancy stuff on a Mac but you have to manually add the html language-stuff.

Congrats on the run!