Thursday, November 30, 2006

Okay, No More Pictures . . .

I think I'm temporarily over my picture-posting fun. I think. Temporarily.

Today was my last class day of this semester (whoo-hoo!) which means I'm only one semester away from taking (and hopefully passing!) the bar, and then being a lawyer, which would make these past 2.5 years of stress worth it. Or, at least, not a total waste.

My stress level right now, as you can imagine with finals coming up, is not low. Fortunately, I've been getting workouts in. Monday was my run with the RocketDog (I like that better than 'fraud.' 'Saddest Dog Ever' still applies but is too long for everypost use. And "RocketDog" is pretty accurate). Tuesday was a swim, about 2000 yards total. I was in the pool for less than an hour, but it's still pretty cool to be in there and have people get in, do their swim, and get out while I'm there. Yesterday was a rest day. Today, Spinerval. Which leads to . . .

A few observations about Spinervals:

1. Coach Troy does not count well. His 5-second counts are way too short. It's like, "5...321!"
2. The music is terrible. Terrible.
3. Doing a Spinerval after having a beer and dinner at a bar is not a good idea. It was only sheer luck that I didn't puke.

That's all I've got. Goodnight.

1 comment:

paul said...

I like RocketDog. I think that'll work. Maybe not quite as funny as Stinky the Wonder Kitten, but still pretty good.

I think Coach Troy gets his music second hand from the porn industry. Seriously terible. And I'm glad you didn't lose your dinner...

Oh, and congrats on being done with class!!!