Thursday, November 09, 2006

Love and Marriage (and PT and The New Yorker)

So. Physical therapy is going well. Apparently after the initial evaluation, the therapist sets out a rehab course for the patient, but when I went in on Tuesday they had misplaced my chart, so the therapist was just doing it on the fly. He started by having me sit on the stationary bike for 5 minutes. First of all, when's the last time you sat on a bike that was not either (a) your own, or (b) at spinning class? For me, it's been quite a while. And let me tell you, that seat on the plain-old bike was NOT comfortable. Funny how one gets used to a certain type of saddle. Anyway. I think the 'warm up' was actually just to give them 5 more minutes to look for my chart. After about 8 minutes, the therapist comes back and tells me to stop at 7. Oh-kay.

Really, though, therapy was not bad, and the therapist seemed to think I was making good progress. That was great. Maybe I'll be back to running soon! Although, I did get through a bit of the new New Yorker on the elliptical this am. There's an interesting article about the biking culture in Manhattan. That kept me occupied for a while.

My husband recently caved and bought himself a trainer. This means that we now have two trainers set up in our not-huge basement, both facing a 13-inch t.v. I think it's great that he has a trainer now. He's been making fun of me for months, but he's finally realizing how awesome it is to be able to get in a good workout even when it's dark, cold, and rainy. He has yet to make the acquaintance of Coach Troy, whom I love to hate. I think he'll have an entirely different view after he does his first Spinerval and discovers just how much those things will kick your ass.

He (my husband, not Coach Troy) and I have a great relationship; we seem to balance each other well. But we're both very competitive. So take a competitive married couple and put them on trainers next to each other, and what do you get? Here's but a small sample:

Me, noticing that his cadence is much higher than mine: "Hon, what gear are you in?"
Him: "42-19, you?"
Me: "42-14."
Him: "Oh, man, you're making me look bad . . . " (sound of him shifting to match my gear)

Okay, so that was a lame example. Whatever. Let's just say I'm a little concerned about the first time we happen to be doing Spinervals at the same time. It's going to be like a whole new realm in our relationship.

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paul said...

Hmmm, a very competitive married couple, eh?

I'll bet you're gonna kick his ass on that first spinerval...

And yeah, getting in a good workout when its cold and dark and raining is awesome.