Monday, November 13, 2006

If he's Speedy McFast, I might be Pokey McSlow.

So after yesterday's musings about whether I've gotten faster in the pool, I went back and looked at my (admittedly meager) workout records. I am quite bummed to report that in fact, I have not gotten faster. Demoralizing, yes, but not totally devastating. There are a few explanations I can think of.

First, my technique has gotten much better, so it's possible that I was swimming faster but with worse form. Okay, so what? Well, if my form is not efficient I'll get tired sooner. So now I need to learn how to go fast while not falling apart. Also, I've really upped my swim volume lately due to my injury, and I've also been lifting, so there's a possibility that I have some fatigue playing into this as well. Physical fatigue as well as mental, given how busy things are right now. Last, when I was faster, I was also swimming with Speedy almost every time I went to the pool, and he would watch me and offer pointers. Due to some circumstances out of our control, Speedy and I swim together only occasionally now.

So these explanations could just be excuses. I probably just need to suck it up and swim faster.

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paul said...

Its really tough to compare swim times year to year. Just keep thinking about getting faster week to week, and don't worry about where you were at last year.