Sunday, November 12, 2006

So Close!

Today was speedwork in the pool. Speedy and I worked out together; it's nice to have someone to chat with during the rest. Not that either of us really feel like chatting, and instead are just trying to catch our breath, but it's still nice.

The workout was 4 x (2 x 50 medium, 1' rest, 1 x 50 fast, 1:30 rest). I feel silly posting these workouts, since this was a 600-yard main set, and I am reading other blogs where people are like "I did 3500 yards this morning and this afternoon, I'm planning a 6-mile tempo run," but I guess it is what it is.

I was hoping to break 40 seconds for one of the 50s, but not quite. I'm really close, but just not quite there. My times were:

Set 1: 46.21, 46.14, 40.65
Set 2: 45.23, 44.47, 40.98
Set 3: 45.26, 45.57, 40.81
Set 4: 45.72, 44.62, 41.44

So pretty close to breaking 40. I feel like I'm faster than I used to be, and logically I think that must be true, because I'm stronger and I've been swimming more. But I think only my 50 time has gotten faster. This is sort of demoralizing, because I've been doing so much swimming lately and really I only learned how to swim about 14 months ago. So it seems that I should be much faster but I don't think I am.

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