Monday, November 27, 2006

Saddest Dog Ever

I decided that I was feeling good, and my dog had been in his crate for a while because I was at class, so I'd take him with me on my run tonight. He's a great dog, and a true pain in the ass. He's also the Saddest Dog Ever. Ever. There was never a dog sadder than he. Speedy and I (okay, I) recently made the executive decision that the dog is no longer allowed on the couch, because the couch has white cushions and the dog often has muddy paws. So I washed the cushion covers and put the kibosh on the dog on the couch. Now, this is the saddest dog. He is sitting on his brand-new cushion on the floor, giving me these big sad eyes. I'm so not convinced. He's a fraud.

Anyway, I took the fraud out for a short run. He loves to run, but he get so excited that running with him is like running downhill the entire time because he pulls so much. And I decided that it would be a good idea, while still not 100% recovered, to take this 70-pound missile out with me. Yeah, not my brightest idea ever. I mean, it went okay, but there were lots of lateral movements and other quick movements that don't happen during a normal run. It was a little painful. On the plus side, I went pretty fast, because I practically had a sled dog pulling me along.

In other news, this is the last week of classes. I can't freaking wait for this semester to be over. One of my friends is taking the stress of school and her job search pretty hard, and seems to be taking it out on me. She's a sweetheart to everyone else, and has been evil to me lately. This is the second time in the past few weeks that this has happened with this one particular friend. It happened, and seemed to resolve, and now it's started again. Seriously, I think she's a cool girl and all but I'm done letting her occupy space in my head like this. Ugh. But, after I take four exams, I get to go out to San Francisco with Speedy for a few days. This will be the fourth time I've been there this year. Hopefully when I come back, I won't fall in the airport. I'll make sure to wear flat-soled shoes this time around :)

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Paul said...

Yes, when you got to SF, be very careful going down stairs!!!

So maybe you should take the dog on all your tempo runs. If nothing else, it'll build your confidence (and probably your arm strength). Poor saddest-dog-ever, its too bad nobody loves him.