Saturday, November 11, 2006

If he's Speedy McFast, does that make me Mrs. McFast?

Not terribly much to say. My foot is healing nicely, and the therapist said I can likely start running on the treadmill as early as next week! That was awesome to hear.

I did a Spinerval last night. It kicked my ass. I've maintained my fitness pretty well, I think, but man was that Spinerval hard. It felt good to do some interval work, though, even though it was really a lot more painful than I remember Spinervals being. Today I took out my bike and rode along with my husband while he ran. It was good to get out, and I was clipped in, so I got to see how the foot held up to being out on the road. All things considered, it was not bad at all. And I got to chat with my husband (hereinafter "Speedy McFast") while he ran. Okay, I chatted, and he mostly listened and every now and then said something, but since he was running and I was cruising along on my bike it was a pretty one-sided conversation. Which is fine. Clearly I have enough to say that I feel the need to blog, so I can fill the time while Speedy runs. I think that biking while he runs would be a great way to discuss things that we disagree about. I can talk, and he will be too out of breath to answer. Good plan, right?

Today I got my butt back onto the elliptical. I had a great plan: download one of the podcasts from a makeup class I missed earlier in the semester and listen to that while I 'ran.' Yes, I'm a nerd, but we've established that already. And yes, one of my professors records his classes for podcasting. He thought it was so great to record the makeup session that he records all of them now. Seriously, though, it's a 2-credit class. Give me a break. But moving on, I downloaded the file, unhooked my IPod, and went to the gym and got all set to do the longest workout I've done since before I got hurt. I try to open the file, and realize that I forgot that the stupid IPod is set to manual, so I had to actually put the file on it. Dammit. So I wasn't able to multi-task as well as I had hoped, but that's okay. I still went for 60 minutes, which was great.

Abs tonight. Speedwork swim and maybe lifting tomorrow.

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